~ About Allrema AG ~

  • Pioneers

    We are the pioneers of Trade-in programs in Europe
  • Here we are

    We are allrema AG, a swiss owned company based in Zürich with EU-wide operations
  • +15 years

    We are fusion of professionals with more than 15 years experience in the IT, telco and retail industry
  • Trade-in

    We are specialized on B2B solutions, providing a differentiated value proposition of Trade-in services
  • Trust & Transparency

    We are highly committed in building a strong partnerships based on trust & transparency

~ Trade-in of IT ~

  • The fast pace of technological innovations, pushes businesses to constantly keep IT infrastructures upgraded and competitive

  • Product-life-cycle of key technologies has been dramatically reduced (32 to 12 months). This situation forces organisations to put IT assets on early retirement

  • In our digital era, constant technology-upgrades are crucial in oder to stay relevant; This strategy puts great pressure on IT budgets and infrastructure costs

  • Trade-in of IT helps organisations to naturally make space for new technology by replacing discontinued equipment and granting technology a second life

  • Trade-in of IT offsets budget issues and pricing negotiations; Value created from old assets will support the investment for new technology

  • Trade-in of IT is an ideal way to become environmentally responsible and compliant; It gives a new life to old technology and enables responsible recycling

~ Our Solutions ~

Passion & drive

we are passionate about the Trade-in business that enables an upgrade to the newest technology

Experience & Know-how

We posses unique competencies that help us deliver the best programs in Europe

End to End Solution

We take full ownership of the Trade-in process - our partners keep concentrated in their core business

Seamless integration

We link our network to the work of our partners'- we aim for full integration of teams and processes

Maximum return

We aim for our partners' best financial interest by finding the most competitive return-value in the market

Social engagement

We show our partners the way to a social use of Trade-in by supporting donations or charity

~ Real added value ~

Allrema AG is developed to provide real added value though our services and solutions; This value makes the real difference and helps you sleep better at night.

-Data security: as we manage devices containing data which may be sensitive; our priority is to provide complete data security to avoid data being intercepted, hacked or leaked. We know unprotected data may compromise your performance and hurt your company´s bottom line.  

-Recycling: in case IT assets need to disposed, we will comply with local and international environmental compliances to reduce the impact of a Trade-in operation on the environment. We are committed to zero-landfilling and zero-exporting of e-waste; we work with fully certified partners to ensure this commitment.